Sunday Preview: How Jesus Did Ministry

We're going to try something new this week. We're calling it the Sunday Preview.

My intent with the Sunday Preview is to help you in preparation before our Sunday Gathering. The Sunday Preview will be a short blog post that introduces the text of scripture that will be preached and some of the main points that will be addressed in the sermon. It is my prayer that this serves you well.

How Jesus Did Ministry: Mark 1:35-45

What is ministry? 

The word "ministry" conjures up many ideas in the church today. For many, ministry is what happens inside the four walls of a church building. For others, ministry is what the "paid professionals" do. And for others, ministry is a unique spiritual experience where Jesus is talked about, sins are confessed, and people are "ministered" to. But is this all there is to ministry? 

Over the past several years, the idea of ministry, as it is most commonly known within the church, has been challenged. There were many in the church who recognized that ministry is not a specific, planned for event that one attends in a church building, but rather, that ministry encompasses the entirety of the Christian life. This means that ministry is not something you go to do, but an identity that you live out of. In other words, all followers of Jesus are ministers, and the whole of Christian life is ministry.

The way Jesus did ministry.

In our text this weekend, we're taking a look at how Jesus did ministry. Thus far, we've seen that Jesus was set apart for a very specific type of ministry, and we've even seen a little bit of what that looks like. Jesus is a preacher unlike any other. He speaks and acts with an authority completely foreign to the audience around him. Furthermore, we've seen the message he proclaims and the kingdom he ushers in is so compelling that it will completely change the way your life is lived.

This week, we get to look at a few more of the details of the ministry of Jesus. Our main points will be that:

  1. Jesus Prayed.
  2. Jesus Preached.
  3. Jesus went among the people.

Preparing For Sunday

Over the next few days, spend some time reading Mark chapter one focusing on verses 34-45. Do your reading with the above points in mind, and think through why Jesus prayed, think through his preaching, and think through what his life among humanity looked like. During your reading, pray that God would show you more of Jesus, and ask him to show you what doing ministry like Jesus would look like for Taproot Church as a whole, and for you personally. As followers of Jesus, we want to know Jesus and how he lived, and how we can live like him.

See you Sunday! 

Pastor Mike