Gospel Of Mark Resources

Yesterday, we started our trek through the Gospel of Mark. If you were unable to hear the sermon, you can visit our sermons page here to catch up.

In our sermon, I said I would post some of the resources that I'm using for my studies through this gospel. So below is a list of the commentaries and books I've found helpful.

1. The New International Commentary on the New Testament (NINTC) - The Gospel of Mark - by: William L. Lane

I love this commentary series. Not too technical, but it gives great technical footnotes for those who are interested.

2. The NIV application commentary - Mark - by: David E. Garland

This commentary is nice in that it is very helpful with applications. It also does a good job at giving the historical background of any given text.

3. The Pillar New Testament Commentary (PNTC) - The Gospel according to Mark - by: James R. Edwards

This is my favorite commentary. Not too technical, but technical where it needs to be. I've found this commentary to be the most helpful for introductory and historical content background to the Gospel of Mark.

4. Jesus The King - by: Timothy Keller

This isn't so much a commentary as it is a sermon series turned into a book. But you can't go wrong with Keller. He's amazing at driving the gospel deep into your heart. This little book is great for a devotional through the Gospel of Mark.

5. Mark - by: R.C. Sproul

I love R.C. Sproul. Though his commentary is rather simple, he always has some great golden nugget in his thoughts on any given text. This would be a great devotional commentary. 

6. Jesus and the Eyewitnesses - by: Richard Bauckham

This book is great! It's filled with a good bit of technical jargon and it's a hefty read, but it's well worth it. In this book, Bauckham essentially looks at the evidence pointing to the Gospel's as being reliable eyewitness testimony. He covers topics from the names found in the gospel's and why they're in there, to why Mark placed some of the details in his Gospel that he did. If you find yourself questioning the reliability of the Gospel's, read this book.

7. Jesus the Son of God - by: D.A. Carson

This is another book I've found helpful. The Gospel of Mark is bookended by this statement that Jesus is the Son of God. This book–a series of lectures by D.A. Carson–looks at what this often misunderstood title means. Very good.

There is certainly a plethora of resources out there. These are some of my favorites and what I've found to be most helpful. In studying, I like to find a good balance between technical, non-technical, and devotional materials. I think the above list covers that pretty well.

All of these materials can be found on You can also order them through Logos bible software.

I pray this helps you in knowing Jesus more. Be blessed.