A New Pastor

it’s hard to believe that we’re in our third year together as a church. As I look back on what God has done, I can’t help but be thankful and more convinced of His grace. He has done much, and I anticipate He will do much more. 

One exciting evidence of His grace is the development and establishment of new leaders in the church. We’ve seen this over the years with Gospel Community leaders, and have prayerfully been moving toward appointing elders. Well, that time has finally come. 

Last month, John Spiers was put before you all as our first elder candidate. We have taken the month of November, and now the month of December, to give adequate time for any of you to meet with John or myself to ask questions and express any concerns you might have. One of the qualifications for any elder is to be above reproach (1 Timothy 3:1). This waiting period is an opportunity to allow the church to speak into this process. 

The office of elder (pastor) is not one to be taken lightly. Elders in the church are men who are called to the task to lead, pray, teach, and shepherd the flock of God. It is with great seriousness and joy that we approach the appointing of an elder. 

John and his family have been with Taproot basically since she was born. Over the years, I’ve seen John mature in several ways, and I’ve been repeatedly blessed by his leadership. He is a man who loves God and is passionate about His Word. I’ve found his input on several occasions to be invaluable. I believe John is called and qualified, and will love and shepherd Taproot Church well. 
During this month, I invite you to pray for the Spiers family. You can also be praying for Taproot as we continue to pray and move forward with installing John. We’re also praying that God would raise up many more qualified men to lead this church. If all goes well, we will install John at the beginning of January.

Below is a short interview that will help give you some more information about John and his family. Take some time to read it and be praying for him, his family, and the whole of Taproot Church. 

Christ is all,
Pastor Mike

A short Q & A with John Spiers.
1) I grew up a Roman Catholic/Unbeliever thinking that religion and the church is what got you to
heaven.  When Kim and I decided to get married we started going to a Calvary Chapel church where the pastor taught directly from scripture and the truth of the gospel was put on display.  Also, at that time I had determined to read through the bible to try and understand it myself and the Lord used both the preaching of the church as well as my bible reading to open my eyes.  Close to a year later I came to the understanding that I needed to repent and believe the truth that He had shown me.  There was not a specific moment in time that I felt that I was saved but around that time frame is when I began to understand that I did belong to Him.   
I used to think that born again believers and Christians in general were weak-minded and silly.  I also enjoyed partying and all the other things that an average unbelieving man normally does.  Thankfully Christ has given me a new heart and taken those desires away and replaced them with a love for Him and His people.  

2)  Kim and I have 6 children, 5 sons and 1 daughter.  We are a blended family and are thankful to God for how he has brought us all together.  We also have 1 daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren who are the apple of my eye.  Three of our sons and our grandkids live in Salem, Oregon, one son is in the Army, one son lives in Twin Falls, and our daughter lives at home.  

3)  I think the Lord put on my heart early on a passion for discipling others.  My desire is to help others grow in their walk with Christ.  The apostle Paul says in 1 Cor. 3, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase”.  God has given me a passion, sort of as he gave Apollos, to help believers grow in their understanding of the gospel.  

4)  A friend and I were talking one day and he said that this young pastor was coming to town who was going to start a new church.  As a family we joined others on the first night Taproot met at Twin Beans coffee shop as a church body and met with the body every Sunday evening throughout the first few months before being certain this is where the Lord would have us.   

5)  Jesus gives us the parable of “the Talents” in which there are three servants, each receive talents which are to be used for His kingdom.  Two of the servants went out and used the talents given wisely but the third buried his talent.  The first two received a blessing from their master but the third who buried his talent was cast into outer darkness. I believe the Lord has called me to be an elder/pastor and I desire to use the talents He has given me for His kingdom and His glory.

6)  We would ask everyone to pray for humility and grace.  Also, that God will supply the strength to serve with joy and love for His saints and there would be a continued desire to grow in the gospel and that our love for you all would continue to abound.