"In Christ" – Series through Ephesians begins this Sunday


This Sunday we begin a new series through the book of Ephesians. This little letter has been considered one of the greatest treasures of the New Testament for thousands of years. Some have considered it to be the “crown and climax of Pauline theology.” And there is no doubt about it, Ephesians is deep and rich with gospel truth.

At the heart of this letter is the phrase “in Christ.” This is one of Paul’s favorite terms in all of his writings, but especially so in Ephesians. What he means for us to see and understand is that to be a Christian is not merely an intellectual idea, but rather a positional reality. That is, being made a follower of Jesus by grace through faith, we are actually “in Christ” or one with him. This is absolutely incredible! Pastor and commentator Kent Hughes says, “Ephesians reveals the position and job description of the Church in effecting God’s new order. It answers the question, what does it mean to be in Christ, and what does this demand of us?” (Emphasis mine).

It is this amazing theme that we’ll be delving deeply into over the next 30 weeks or so. It is our hope and prayer that this study will help us to know Jesus more intimately than ever before and also compel us to make him known in the every day details of our lives.

We hope you’ll join us this Sunday as we kick of this sermon series by publicly reading the entire letter together during our gathering.

Christ is all!

Pastor Mike