By Mike Littleton

When I first became a Christian, I didn’t know what to do with the bible. I knew it was an important book–at least important enough to take along with me to church every Sunday. But beyond that I didn’t know much else. 

My early treatment of the bible was much like that of a textbook. Take it to class, open it when and where the teacher said, refer to it from time to time for homework, but otherwise keep it stowed away in a backpack or locker. In essence, the book contained information about how to pass the test, and since the teacher was more than willing to do all the studying and teaching for me, why should I bother doing so on my own?

This, however, is not how the bible is to be treated. It is not an antiquated textbook filled with information about how to pass the big test and gain entrance into heaven. No. This book is the living and active word of God (Hebrews 4:12). The words are not merely words, they are God’s words. When this book is opened, the words and stories being read are not merely the thoughts and imaginations of men and women from ancient times, but the actions and inspired words of the Creator of the universe.

God has spoken to us through a book. This book then is a well of invaluable treasure–the depths of which should be dug into for a lifetime.   

Last year, I had the thought of trying to read through the bible together as a church. This idea was by no means original. In fact, I only had the idea because a pastor friend of mine was going to do this with his church. However, I’d never seen this done and so I had no idea where to start. 

But after communicating the idea with another brother in Taproot, the idea of reading the bible together as a church began to shape into a reality.

Over the past several months, Quin Marlow has been diligently creating a plan that will enable Taproot to begin reading through Scripture together. We are excited to introduce this plan which we are calling #KnowingJesusInHisWord. In the coming weeks, you will be able to hear and read about the details of this plan, but before that happens I want to lay out why it’s important and helpful for us to read the bible together as a church family.

Why do this?
I could list many good reasons for us to work through the bible together as a church, but for now I just want to name one. It’s this: The bible reveals God.

From this one truth flows and entire list of realities. If the bible reveals God, and we are his people reading his words, then we’re going to know more of who God is. We’re going to have a greater understanding of who we are. We’re going to have a greater understanding of how and why the world works the way it does. Most importantly, we’re going to have a greater awareness of redemption and God’s good plan in the gospel. We’re going to know Jesus! 

God has spoken to us through a book. These words are His and so it only makes sense that if we’re to know Him, then we need to read what He has written to us. And why not do it together? How beautiful would it be for all of us to be on the same pages of Scripture? How well could this facilitate conversations about the things of God not just on Sunday mornings, but every day of the week?

So here’s to knowing Jesus in his word. This will be a challenging yet fun experience for us. May God give us the strength to be in his word together this year.