Pray First

Tonight begins our first ever all church prayer night. We're simply calling it "Pray First." I wanted to take a moment and share some thoughts as to why we're going to make this a regular rhythm of Taproot Church Twin Falls.

Why Pray?

1. We need to pray

Prayer is one of the most difficult practices in the world. There are fewer things that are more humbling than prayer. In prayer, we acknowledge the reality that we are weak and needy, and that God is the only One who can truly provide our deepest needs. We simply need to be a people humbly dependent on God.

2. Jesus prayed

If Jesus prayed, then certainly we, his followers, should pray too. Prayer was clearly important to Jesus. We see that he went to great work to get away from the daily routine and grind of life to spend time with the Father in prayer (Mark 1:35; 6:46; 14:32-42). Furthermore, Jesus went to the work of explaining to his disciples how to pray (Matthew 6:5-15).

3. The early church prayed

After Jesus ascended into heaven, one of the first scenes we see in the book of Acts is the church gathered together, praying (Acts 1:14). And as you continue through Acts, it's prayer that comes up over and over again. Furthermore, the letters of Paul are filled with prayers and petitions to pray. 

What To Expect?

Praying in a large group can be awkward. But at the same time, it can be one of the most joyful times of prayer you'll ever experience. We're going to do our best (praying for the Spirit's help) to accommodate for the latter. 

Our prayer nights will be formatted to keep us on track and in a specific direction. We'll begin the night with a bit of teaching from scripture and vision for the church. We'll then move into singing a song or two. After this, we'll begin praying. Sometimes our prayers will be as one large group. Other times we'll break up into our Gospel Communities. Other times we'll break up into even smaller groups. And other times we'll break up into separated male and female groups. The night will be mixed with song and prayer, and guided by scripture. 

If you've never prayed in a large group before, that's okay, we invite you to join us anyways, knowing that you aren't being pressured to do anything. All in all, we're simply gathering together to humbly seek the will of the Father for Twin Falls, the Magic Valley, and beyond.

We'll see you there!

Christ is all!

Pastor Mike Littleton