Sunday Preview: Paralyzed Hearts

How is your heart?

It's a question you might often think of regularly or not at all. But it's a question that matters.

The heart, biblically, is thought of differently than how it is today. Today, the heart is usually one of two things: either a vital organ in our body, or the seat of our emotions. So when I ask, "how is your heart?" it's easy for you to think it's good, because as far as you know you're emotionally stable and you don't have a heart attack coming in the foreseeable future. 

But when the bible talks about the heart, it is talking about the core of our motivations. In other words, what moves you? What makes you tick? What causes you to do the things you do and make the decisions you make? Biblically, the answer is your heart.

The big problem is that our hearts are broken. They are paralyzed. This is the big idea we'll be looking at this Sunday. 

The ministry of Jesus is moving forward and rapidly growing. Crowds are continually pressing in on him, and he has the attention of the religious elites. In our text this Sunday, Mark 2:1-12, Jesus is confronted with a drop in. Literally, a paralyzed man is dropped through the roof of his house. The hopes of this paralyzed man are that he would be able to walk again, but Jesus immediately confronts a far deeper issue. The heart. He declares to the man, "Son, your sins are forgiven." In that bold statement, Jesus makes a claim that would challenge the hearts of all who heard him.

Before this Sunday, think about that question. How is your heart? Then come ready to receive from God's word.