We exist to know Jesus and make him known. We do this as we preach Jesus, make disciples, and send.

We believe that God has established us in Twin Falls, Idaho for a very specific purpose. That purpose is our reason for existence and we allow it to drive all we do in this city.

Knowing Jesus

We live in a world where there is no shortage of opinions about Jesus. He’s talked about as a friend, religious guru, political figure, and teacher of morals, right living, and love. Some see Him as a man to be revered and followed, while others see Him as a man to be ignored and silenced.

At Taproot Church, we believe there is no man like Jesus Christ. He was born of a virgin in a little peasant town, grew up in an average family, and would even learn how to work a normal job as a carpenter with his dad. But eventually, this simple Jesus would begin to do and say things that would change the world forever. Jesus preached a message of repentance that would lead to transformed lives. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and cast out demons. Jesus was a man among the outcasts, frequently seen among drunks, gluttons, prostitutes, political zealots and the like. He was often harsh with the religious people of his day while being gentle with those who were viewed as farthest from God. This Jesus, perceived as a threat to the religious elite and politically powerful, would eventually be put to death on a cross and placed in a heavily guarded tomb. But this grave would not hold him. Three days later, Jesus rose from death and appeared to hundreds before he would eventually ascend to his throne where he would seat himself at the right hand of his Father as King over all creation.

In short, Jesus is the living Son of God. As such, all authority has been given to him, so it is him whom we are submitted to. It is this Jesus we preach. It is this Jesus we make disciples of. And it is this Jesus we seek to know and make known through the equipping and sending of his saints in the hopes that more would become his followers.  

No matter where you are or what you might currently believe about Jesus, we invite you to join us in learning more about him and what it means to be his followers.