In Taproot Church we gather together every Sunday to start our week by celebrating the finished work of Jesus in our lives. We do this through singing songs together, listening to Bible preaching, sharing in communion, and occasionally celebrating baptisms. Our gatherings are casual and come as you are. Come early and take the opportunity to meet someone new and drink a cup of hot coffee.

Our Sunday Gatherings are every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. at 209 5th Ave. North in Twin Falls. This is the historic Twin Falls Presbyterian Church building. We're incredibly grateful to gather in this space.  Visit our Contact page or click below for directions.

Though we highly value our Sunday Gatherings, we want you to know they are not the final stop in Taproot Church. Our prayer for you is that you would be formed into a mature follower (disciple) of Jesus. This kind of spiritual formation doesn't happen by only attending our Sunday Gatherings. Therefore, we encourage you to gather with us, but we will also encourage you into a Home Group which will assist you to further mature as a follower of Jesus among others who are doing the same. Click below to visit our Home Groups page.

Taproot communicates throughout the week via Church Community Builder (CCB). This is a place to connect with each other and share in the happenings of this church body. New users can sign up at the Sunday Gathering. Click below to visit the login page.