In Taproot Church, we're each in a process of learning how to follow Jesus.


This process is called discipleship. It is our aim to make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. In Taproot we make disciples through three primary means:

Sunday Gatherings. Home Groups. Church Planting.

Sunday Gatherings:

Our Sunday Gatherings are where we gather together for the purpose of celebrating the life we’ve been given in Jesus Christ. We gather together to sing songs, be equipped through the preaching of the bible, and respond to God through communion, baptism, and generous giving. We are then sent out into our week to live as disciples of Jesus making disciples of Jesus. For more information about our Sunday Gatherings, including Taproot Kids, click below.

Home groups:

Home Groups are our families within the greater family of Taproot Church who gather in the city of Twin Falls and the Magic Valley throughout the week. Our Home Groups gather together to eat food with one another, talk about what Jesus is doing in and through our lives, and to seek to serve the city together. You can learn more about Home Groups here.

Church Planting:

The books of Acts records the work of the Holy Spirit through the first-century church and its process of making disciples of all nations. A core facet of that process was church planting. We still believe church planting is a vital part of disciple making today. Therefore, we are praying and laboring to send out church planters and teams to other parts of Twin Falls, the Magic Valley, all of Idaho, and beyond. Furthermore, we are part of the Acts 29 church planting network and together, we highly value the planting of more churches.